Aestrid - Box (Vinyl) Choose between four different prints. (from L/R: House, Sand, School, Ocean) All of them are silk printed by hand, so none of them will look the same!
Please tell us wich one you prefer and we will make sure you get yours within a few days. You will also receive a free download code to get the complete digital (.wav/mp3) version of BOX.

Aestrid - Box (CD) CD contains all four print as cover art and inlay, so there’s no need to choose.

Aestrid - The Echo Resistance (Vinyl) You will receive a free download code to get the complete digital version of The Echo Resistance.

Aestrid - The Echo Resistance (CD)

Aestrid - In d’Espirit Pornographique (CD)

Back Home?

That was it. Our tour in Canada. The amazing people we met and the many amazing places we went... But we're back in Europe now and picking up the pace again. We'll be playing a few more shows in 2013 and spend the rest of our time working on the songs that will be recorded during Spring 2014. More about this soon! -Aestrid

New Release

Dear All,
NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION are presenting a NEW Aestrid song exclusively on their site. Disappointment is a great song which was recorded during the BOX recording sessions. For some reason it didn't quite fit the album. It's too beautiful to keep it from the world though. So here it is! Enjoy!

New Video!

OK here we go: The "Im Einzelgang" video is yours now!
Big thanks to Maarten Besseling who assembled a story from all these old archived US film material.


Hi everyone,
We just received a great video that was shot at one of our shows in fall 2012.
Thanks to Andreas and Frida from!


Hi everyone,
It's all here! The new album, along with a new website.
We've worked really hard on BOX and it's great to see that it gets picked up by a lot of reviewers. In Holland for the moment, but reviews will pop up in UK and Germany as well in the next couple of weeks.
Last Thursday, Jan 24th, was so great! We were really moved to see so many came out to see us play at the release of the album at EKKO, Utrecht. We showed our teeth and played our best show ever so far. If you were there then we thank you for being a part of that special night. It was exciting and grand.
Check our new list of shows for this Spring,



From now on you'll be able to order your Records or CD's in our own webstore andyou can find it under STORE in the menu bar!
All of our record covers were silk printed by hand and you can choose between four different images! All covers were designed by Joost Stokhof at The Things We Are .
Also we would like to thank Roel Blaauwgeers, who did (and is still doing) a great job making this all work flawlessly!

Live 2014

22.05 | Cox - Amsterdam
29.06 | Het Speelkwartier - Heemskerk


27.03 | EKKO (Release MTT) - Utrecht
07.03 | Kaffé 1870 - Wakefield (CAN)
28.02 | De Pitcher - Haarlem
27.02 | Tankstell Bar - St. Gallen (CH)
26.02 | Bar 3000 - Zurich (CH)
25.02 | Café Lokaal - Heemskerk
19.02 | ACU - Utrecht
18.11 | Hall of Fame - Tilburg
15.11 | Asteriks - Leeuwarden
19.10 | Backstage - Aarhus (DM)
18.10 | 1000Fryd - Aalburg (DM)
16.10 | Molotow- Hamburg (DE)
17.10 | Studenterhuset - Copenhagen (DM)
05.10 | Tivoli - Utrecht
03.10 | Bibelot - Dordrecht
28.09 | The Red Dog - Peterborough (CAN)
26.09 | The Ossington - Toronto (CAN)
25.09 | Magpie - Toronto (CAN)
22.09 | Escogriffe - Montreal (CAN)
20.09 | Kaffé 1870 - Wakefield (CAN)
19.09 | Mercury Lounge - Ottawa (CAN)
14.09 | Festival De Basis - Soest
01.09 | Uitmarkt - Leeuwarden
07.09 | Bruis - Maastricht
11.08 | A Day In The Forest - Soest
31.08 | Making Waves Festival - Bloemendaal
27.07 | Hongerige Wolf Festival - Groningen
28.06 | De Vorstin - Hilversum
15.06 | Elektra's Tuinfeest - Sliedrecht
06-06 - P60, Amstelveen
19-05 - De Paltz, Soest
08-05 - Cafe Lokaal, Heemskerk
10-05 - Mezz, Breda
26-04 - OT301, Amsterdam
20-04 - Velvet, Amersfoort
20-04 - Gigant, Apeldoorn
18-04 - Paard, Den Haag
12-04 - Muziekgieterij, Maastricht
13-04 - W2, Den Bosch
11-04 - Patronaat, Haarlem
01-04 - Video, Gent, BE
17-03 - Bitterzoet, Amsterdam
08-03 - Effenaar, CANCELED
06-03 - PaardPop, Zwolle
04-03 - Compagnie Theater, Amsterdam
01-03 - Artishock, Soest
09-02 - Woot!Woot!Woolf!, Utrecht
16-02 - Patronaat (solo), Haarlem
17-02 - 013 (solo), Tilburg
19-02 - Astra Stube, Hamburg(DE)
24-01 - EKKO (release), Utrecht
25-01 - PopEI, Eindhoven

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